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How to Improve Erection Time

Every men wants his sex like marathon, and enjoy the long time running pleasure. However, some accidents may cause short time erection, then how to improve male erection time?

For a healthy men, too short time erection not only make men lose confidence, but also let women feel frustrated. In fact, short time erection is a typical symptom of male erectile dysfunction. There are many reasons cause short time erection, men should treat it carefully.

If it is just occasionally happen short time erection, maybe you are too nervous or have sex too frequent, you need to relax and nursed back to health. If it is long-term short-time erection, you need to ask professional doctor for help treat.

How to improve erection time, need to begin with four aspects:

1. Form a good life style

Smoking and drinking is common hobbit for most males, but many males do not know this small habit has great effect for health.  Frequent drinking and smoking can cause our body absorb alcohol, nicotine or other harmful substance, which is bad for sperm, spermary and sexual organs. So males want to prolong erection time need to give up these bad habits.

2. Release psychological burden

Facing so furious society competing, it is not doubt that men will feel burden, like fatigued, nervous, anxious and so on. What’s more, the problem between couples also cause much stress for men. So men want long time erection need to release these burden and get a piece attitude.

3. Own good physique

if men have some disease also can affect erection.  Men with some disease need to cure disease in time,. Men without disease also need to do exercise often to strengthen physique. People who take exercise compared with before. 40% of them are much easier getting excitement, and 25% of them are easier getting sexual climax.  In addition, sports can enhance the ability of heart organ in blood circulation, then erection of time will be improved.

4. Keep normal sexual life

Persist normal sexual life can stimulate the hormone keep balance in human body, and increase the blood flow to sexual organs, thus sexual organs become elasticity, and delay ejaculation.