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BODAJINGSHENG penis enlaring tablet is developed on the basis of folk recipe and theory of drug and food are same in source.

This product contains active components which can work directly in songe tissue of penis after being asimilated to promote the production of testosterone. So as to regenerate the sponey tissue to make penis so round and full in size.

Besides the funtion of promoting the regengeration.It has effects to invigorate the kidney,strengthen yang and regulate vital energy.Regular use in complicance with the treating course will help you ingorous like a young people full of lust.

OX penis Deer penis,sea shellish Gecko,Longan Ginseng,Ganderrma Lucidum,Herba Cynomorii,Cordyceps,etc

600 mg x 2 tablets

Oral use,take half an hour before sexual course,one tablet each time(Holf dose for slight case or regular use.cheus, or split into pieces for taking to get better curative result)

Contraindicated for people suffering hypertension,heart disease, orpeople under age
Never take it together with hypertension pill
Quality Guaranteed period: 3 years

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