Effective Viagra Male Enhancer Review:

Effective Viagra Pills is by far the best and regular male enhancement in the market. This product is pure traditional Chinese medicine and works well on plenty of male problems. Effective Viagra Sex Tablet own it good name with its wonderful effects. Sex Enhancer Effective Viagra could truly inprove the impotence and boost the second growth of penis. Effective Viagra For Male could recuperate the balance of mens body, make up the deficiency of the kidney and replenish the kidney essence.


saffron crocus, Cordyceps sinensis, lanatechead saussurea herb with flower, snow deer whip, yak testicle, sea horse, etc.

[Suitable Crowd]:

1. Short and small penis, soft erection, unhealthy growth of male reproductive organ, weak kidney.

2. Shrinking of middle-aged and old man who suffer from premature ejaculation, sexual disorder.

[Specification]: 4 pills/ bottle

[Usage and dosage]:

Take one pill orally with warm boiled water before you go to bed ( enjoy the best effect if take one pill 20-40 minutes before sex activity )

Take one pill orally every two days for daily male heath.


1. It takes effect within 15 minutes;

2. It has good effect on prostate disease;

3. Patients with high blood pressure, high blood pressure can take it;

4. Drinking alcohol do not affect its effect.

[Storage]: In cool,dry places ,keep out of reach of children


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