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Detailed Product Description
Mogen Capsule
 is able to activate the growth factor of adrenal PDA dilute and replenish semen, thus bringing multiple injection sand multiple climaxes; it can also generate and replenish semen quickly after the intercourse thus avoiding fatigue and damage to kidney resulted from lack of semen; its potency lastsas long as 120hrs.

Orientation crowd: penis, genital hypoplasia, premature ejaculation, lose the sperm, weak sperm, sexual function obstacle the sexual desire dies down, the penis is short and small.

Usage and dosage: Take one grain orally about 15 minutes before sex intercourse.

Main ingredients: The sea Goubian ,yak testicles ,ass whip ,snow lubian,ginseng ,wolfberry fruit ,deeer turtle shell ,angelica ,cistanche

Caution: Dont take more than one grain within 3days. Dont take it with other western medicine, or the effect will be decreased. Minors are forbidden to take it.

Specification: 1800mg*6grains


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