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Yong gang Sex stimulant 8 capsules/box ( Chinese/English language)
98% degree of satisfaction! All Chinese herb!
Bigger, Rock-Hard Erections Sex Stimulant Medicine Yong Gang Sex Medicine

Yong gang benefits:
Increases stamina and erection firmness
Improves vitality & intimacy
Alleviates depression
Regains lost desire
Long lasting efficacy
Restores energy
YongGang Ingredients:
each teplmedium 20%,
schisandra fruit15%,
morinda officinalis20%,
porla 10%,
Chinese yam 15%,
ginseng 5%,
wolfberry fruit 5%,
polygonatum sibiricum 10%

Specifications: 750mg x 2tablets x 4boards/box

Storage: In cool,dry places ,keep out of reach of children

Suitable for: Fatigable persons

Not suitable for: Pregnant women, infants, juvenile

Side -effect: No reported evident side effect with sex power tablet
Do not take more than one (1) capsule every 24 hours.

Shipping Method:
We will send all packages by EMS (Express Mail Service).Normally,it only takes 5~7 days to delivery to USA,UK,Australia or other countries,and provide the tracking number,you can track it on line.

This Yong gang sex product is health-care food, cannot replace medicines therapy;
No purchase by young persons under 18, please.


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