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JinXingDangZhong penis thicken pill is prepred from raw materials including ox penis, deer penis, horse penis, dog pebis, fur seal penis, Tibetan dog penis, donkey penis, antelope penis, sea horse penis, solomon’s seal. Fleshy stem of cynomorium, the tuber of multiflower knot weed, fleshy stem of cistanche, Chinese date and ginseng. it’s processed by the supercritical liquid extracting technologies, the most advanced processing way introduced from USA. after use, it works quickly to make penis full erection, and treat impotence, premature ejaculation, totally activate male sexual potential, make you as a hero in bed.

increase and lengthen penis
prolong sexual endurance
strengthen function of kidney 
sitr up sexual excitment for men and female

Application: Small penis, impotence, premature ejaculation, excessive offspring, the sexual appetite decrease, sexual function is not complete person.  Usage: JinXingDangZhong is recommended to be used 15 minutes before sexual activity with warm water.

1. Do not overtake more than one pill within 24 hours;
2. Pregnant women and people under the age are forbidden to take;
3. People with serious diseases should consult with doctors before taking.

Specification: 2000mg * 3pills *3 boxes

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