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Super Hard sexual product for male enhancer
1.quickly arouse sexual desire
2.enlarge and lengthen penis
3.Reduce fatigue
Super Hard sexual product for male enhancer efficacy:
1, member littleness, genital organ hypoplasia, membrum atrophy, prospermia and hyposexuality induced by the middle age and senility.

2, persons discontented with his membrum, and the person whose membrum need to grow.
3, persons who pursue quality of life, exhibit the full of himself and prolong the time for making love.
Super Hard Administration: 1 capsule while needed, takenorally with warm boiled water. (to take 1 capsule by mouth 10~20 minutes before sexual intercourse will show surprise efficacy)
Applicable persons: membrum littleness, nicety, prospermia, spermatorrhea, poor vitality of spermatozoa, disturbance of sexual function, hyposexuality, aching pain of the waist knees, myasthenia of the limbs, dizziness and tinnitus, weak constitution and night sweat, frequent urination at night, protatitis symptoms induced by renal deficiency.
Super Hard Precautions:
1.Dont be anxious for success and take the drug excess.
2. Persons with heart disease and hypertension may take it. It can not be taken with western medicine at one time.
3.If erected mant times or for a long time without ejaculation after administration, to drink cooled boiled water for cure.
4.Do not take this drug repeadly in 24 hours.
5. Super Hard Pill dont invalidate after drinking.
6. Shelf life is 3 years
Specification: 6 pills/box
Storage: keep in a cool and dry place, away from light.


  1. Jermaine

    I love this one I personally think this the one for every man 5 nights out of one pill

  2. Excellent pills for male enhancement and energetic days

    I am a big fan of this brand, SUPER HARD, and have used several varieties of their male enhancing products. I like that all their products really work for me, and they usually booster my energy level for about 24 hours. In my case, I am taking the pill between morning and noon to feel energetic all day long!

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