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Weile Vigour 300mg Natural herbal viagra tablets cure erectile dysfunction.
[Vigour 300 mg Gold Pills Functions]:

  1. Make penis erect quickly, improve sexual intercourse quality, shorten the interval for a second
    intercourse and reduce fatigue.
  2. The Vigour 300 Pills male enhancement is the essence of natural and animal, the high extraction of male impotence, premature ejaculation, there is a strong help and complement the fine kidney, etc.
  3. Improve the quality of your sex life by shortening the interval time for a second erection, generally reduces sexual fatigue.

[Applicable group]
middle-aged or aged male and patients with sexual dysfunction.

Forbidden for female and under aged male;
Considerable for patients with heart disease or high blood pressure.

[Usage & Dosage]
Take one Vigour 300 Male Enhancement Pills 10-30minutes before sexual intercourse.
(drug effects last for 72hours)

[Specification] 800mg*10 VAR 300 Tablets per bottle

[Valid Period] 3 years

[Suitable people]:
The Vigour 300 Pills male enhancement capsules are rapidly absbed into the body, due to very finely processed ingredients. We recommended consumption of satibo, 1 hour before sexual

[Storage]: Seal, moisture-proof, in a dry place
We are committed to provide you 100% original male sex capsules/Male Enhancement Pills/Herbal Sex Enhancer Capsules with 100% first class service. We are confident to promise we will refund your whole money for any fakes. Do not hesitate any more! Contact us right now! Looking forward to our cooperation.

NDC 0069-4220-30 6006 MADE IN USA

2 reviews for VIGOUR 300 MG

  1. Lots of energy

    It gave me more energy and stamina before my activities I recommend

  2. Massively increases my libido – But way overpriced

    This gives me a raging you know what. This really increased my libido. It also gave me energy, cleared away the brain fog, and improved my mood. These pills are incredible. I’ve tried so many different supplements over the years to increase libido, and they were always just mildly effective. I was surprised to finally try something that showed a massive increase in size and libido. The ingredients in this are supplements I take and have taken before, but something with the combination of them together or the synchronization effect of them in this capsule ended up being the winning combo.

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