About Us

Welcome to Poerkan!
Poerkan is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and healthcare centre to provide quality medical and healthcare services for the public.All the product we sell here are directly from the GMP certificated factory and it is 100% herbal and natural.
Our main goal is to promote Chinese medicine thoery and to enhance total health and well-being of our patient/customer.
Here at Poerkan we believe that TCM can function as a beneficial complement to modern Western medicine. Through improving the function of the organs and the whole body health, TCM represents a profound opportunity to maintain health and wellness, without the cost or side effects of Western medicine.Our belief is that medical care should be a basic, necessary right instead of an optional service that only the well-off can afford.
Go though our website, you can fins that the product we supply here is much cheaper than other Western medicine. At Poerkan, we believe health is paramount, and we want our products to be affordable to everyone. All the product here is worth to try. There are three reasons for you:
Firstly, we only sell the highest quality herbal medicines available, which we identify through research and testing. Secondly, All the products are 100% safe to take and it will not bring toxin to the body. Thirdly, we insist on the highest standards for manufacturing. We start by sourcing quality raw herbs, then perform manufacture in GMP-certified facilities.

We take a great deal of pride in our business, offering our customers only the safest, and highest quality products available. We appreciate all of the hard-won trust and support we’ve received from our individual customers and TCM practitioners.
Poerkan seeks to improve the well-being of all our customers, while enhancing their knowledge on health and wellness and its importance.