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Buy Germany Niubian Male Enhancement Pills  is made to help people who wish to have better sexual existence develop confidence and produce real happiness for them.

Germany Niubian is really a herbal male enhancement formula that includes natural herbal treatments which are shown to fight male sexual disorder effectively.


Cordyceps sinensis, Aceranthus sagittatus S. et Z., Saussurea involucrata, American ginseng, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, Cyathnla capitata Moq., ox kidney, ass kidney, cynomorium songaricum, Cuscuta chinensis, rhodiola, saffron, etc.

[Relevant group]:

Erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, poor sperm, sex malfunction, fixed poor sex demand, short penis, lassitude waist and knee, myasthenia of braches, spontaneous sweating and night sweating, prostatitis along with other brought on by kidney-deficiency.


The above mentioned claims haven’t been evaluated through the Food and drug administration. African black ant Germany Niubian pill isn’t designed to cure, treat, identify or prevent any disease.


Taking orally fifteen minutes prior to making love,1 capsule every time.


Not implementing once again in 5 days.Kids don’t use.


3000mg×6 pills/box


Airtight,stored inside a awesome and dry place.

[Expiry date]:three years

6 reviews for Germany Niubian PILLS


    This gives me a raging you know what. This really increased my libido. It also gave me energy, cleared away the brain fog, and improved my mood. These pills are incredible. I’ve tried so many different supplements over the years to increase libido, and they were always just mildly effective. I was surprised to finally try something that showed a massive increase in size and libido. The ingredients in this are supplements I take and have taken before, but something with the combination of them together or the synchronization effect of them in this capsule ended up being the winning combo.


    I ordered this product for my husband. I thought it would be nice to put a little spice into our love life. The pills or package in a neat little container. They are fairly big so they were a bit harder to swallow. Overall they did not have any side effects no headache or anything like that afterwards. I wouldn’t say they changed his overall desires. He said that he felt the same but he was able to go a little bit of extra mile if you know what I mean.

  3. Don’t sleep on this one guys

    I love this one I personally think this the one for every man 5 nights out of one pill

  4. Clifford Conyers

    This product is very effective

  5. Clifford Conyers

    They sent me this product instead of the Tiger king, but it is very effective, still very satisfied!

  6. lageuf

    ils m’ ont envoyer ce produit a la place du zhong hua niu bao 3500mg .il fait tres bien le boulot,merci poerkan.

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