French Lady Sex Drops for Women

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French Lady Sex Drops for Women
After taking the product 5 minutes, she will feel a strong sexual desire. And then she will itching all over her body. Her sexuality aroused, thus the vagina liquid keeps coming out in large amount and she needs to have sex with a man desperately. 20 minutes beginning, efficacy of the drug will make her feel extremely itching and comfortable in the thigh and lower abdomen. Her bady will get extraordinarily sensitive, along with the constant rhythmic constriction of the uterus, and waves of joy. She will moan like a lion, loudly even she is already satisfy.

Ingredients: Doc. Johnson, Brazilhackmatack, betelnut, millet pox power, Peru Panax, ethanol, etc.

Efficacy: It powerfully spurs the libido, andit can spice it up, which can be a great solutiontowomen’s frigidity.

Target Crowd: Legitimate household whose-sex life needs to be improved. (Inveiglement of innocent woman is condened)

Usage and Amount: Take1 samll Bottle and dissolve it into boiled water, coffee, beer or otherdrink, then have the mixed drink 10 minutes before sexual inter course.

Specification: 3ml/bottle, 8bottles per box

Expiration Date: 3 Years

Preservation: Airproofed, and put in cool and dry environment.

1. It needs to be taken prudently by patients of hypertension and cardiopathy;
2. Pregnant women and nonages are prohibited from using the product;
3. The product is exclusively for the use between spouses or lover, thus please do not take it for alternative uses;
4. Please do not take other medicines 12 hours after taking the product;
5. Please do not take the product excessively.
6. It should never be taken by nonages and children accidentally.

The product has strong effect be careful when using on someone with heart or eye disease, it is not suitable for children.


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