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Da di yong shi sex grain for men extracted from all natural materials, like Velvet antler, yaks, yellow fine, lock Yang, GuiBan, angelica, hippocampus, etc. all these ingredients help men strengthen body, improve immunity, yiqibuxue, and prolong sexual time. Da di yong shi one of your best sexual choice for male sexual enhancer, if you want her to be crasy about you, to be attracted by your manliness, then order Da di yong shi on! Patients with heart disease, high blood pressure also can take it, its safe for most people to take! even drinking alcohol do not affect its effect!

Main ingredients: Velvet antler, yaks, yellow fine, lock Yang, GuiBan, angelica, hippocampus, etc.

Suitable crowd:
1. impotence, premature ejaculation, shortness of penis, and kidney weakness;
2. people who want to express his manliness, to show his power as man;
3. do not satisfy sex life, want to keep longer sex duration.

Usage and dosage: take only one capsule with warm water before going to bed, or one capsule 10-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

1. do not overtake for quick result;
2. drink cold water if many times erection with no ejaculation;  3. do not repeatedly take within 24 hours.

Warming suggestion:
1. take pills 20-30 minutes in advanced for fully absorbed.
2. taking 2-3 hours after meals will get better result. do not take after meals immediately.
3. take pill with half glass of water, do not drink too much water.
4. do not eat other food while taking pills.


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