Zengda Yanshi Pian Male Enhancement is now the greatest men manhood enlargement sexual product. Many people speedily enhance sex capacity following taking Herbal Zengda Yanshi Pian and it now has become one of the most popular sex product for customers. Zengda Yanshi Pian Sex Pill can raise the blood circulation in order to manhood, thus trigger penis grow back within length along with wideness.


Sea-dog whip, antler, deer fetus, cordyceps, epimedium, Barbary wolfberry fruit, puzzle, rehmannia, Chinese Yam, the cicada pupa, cinnamon, Cistanche deserticola, turtle, seal oil, yak whip, Antelope whip´╝îetc.


Impotence, improper erectness ,premature ejaculation, emission, sterile, polyuria at night, debility of the lumbus and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, premature,senile, weakening mentality.

[Specification] 9900mg*10 pills

[Usage & Dosage] Take one pill 20-40 minutes before sex.


1. Drink enough amount of cold water if many erections, or long time erections with ejaculation occurs after you take the capsule;

2. No repetition in 24 hours.

[Storage] Keep in cool and dry place.

[Shelf Time] 3 years

[Manufacture] Tibet Kangyuan Bio-technology Limited Company


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