YinYangSuo JiaoNang

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Common Name: Yin Yang Suo

Product Name: Jin Hui

The Herba Epimedii in the prescription of Yinyangsuo is a wild herb derived from Lixian County, which is the best quality in China, and its effective content is twice as high as that from other regions, while Schisandra chinensis is derived from the wild Schisandra chinensis in Changbai Mountain. Epimedium is pungent and mild in nature. Returning to liver and kidney meridians and tonifying kidney yang, it mainly produces sperm and increases the secretion of semen. Schisandra chinensis was first listed in the top grade of Shennong’s Herbal Classic. The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine lies in its tonic and strong power, and its medicinal value is extremely high.

Ingredients: Epimedium extract schisandra extract

Traits: This product is brown particles; sweet and slightly sour

1.It will be suitable for Kidney impotence to take, and it will promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid.
2.The poduct will be suitable for impotence premature ejaculation.
3.The product will be suitable for thoes who always feel pain on the waist and knee.

Specifications : 5g * 10

Dosage: Boiling water, once 5g, 3 times a day

Adverse reactions : Still uncertain.

Taboo : Still uncertain.

Precautions : Still uncertain.

Medicine Interactions : For example, drug interactions may occur at the same time as taking other drugs. For details, consult a physician or pharmacist.

Storage: Sealed.

Packaging: Composite film packaging. 5g*10 bag/box.

Validity period: 36 Months.

Executive Standard: Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China Drug Standard Chinese Medicine Ingredient Preparation Volume 3 WS-B-0522-91

Approval Number : Chinese medicine accurate character Z22021363

Company Name : Tonghua Jinhui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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