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Chong Cao Ling Zhi Bao Pill is an herbally based formula that was developed to prevent and reverse impotence, according to the retail sites that carry it. Cordyceps Reishi Male Sexual Enhancement can effectively address sex short to prevent premature ejaculation, prolong sexual time. Cordyceps Ganoderma Pill takes good therapeutic effect on preventing impotence and premature ejaculation, prolonging the time of sexual intercourse and treating endurable erection.


Sao dong ge ali, natural cordyceps sinensis, glossy ganoderma, male silkworm moth, Chinese cynomorium, sea horse


Men with not matured penis, retarded growth, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, weakness during sex, discharge at the end of intercourse, pains in the loins and back, urine oftern at nigh, seminal emission, dead sperm and other sexual dysfunctions.

[Specification] 7000mg*10 pills

[Usage & Dosage]

Orally take one pill 10-15 pill before sex.( this pill works very strong, if your health is weak should take 1/3, if your health is fine can take 2/3, if your health is good can take 1 pill at one, the effect will be faster and better if you chew it.)


In case of frequent erection or keeping erection without ejaculation occurred often taking, it can be solved by drinking some cold water.

[Storage] Keep in cool and dry place.

[Shelf Time] 3 years

[Manufacture] Hongkong International Biological Company


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