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King Wolf – Invigorating Yang Treasure

This product is a kind of compound troche refined from many purely prepared traditional Chinese medicines. It has been proved functionally good that this product has health care functions of regulating human immune system and can strengthen the corporeity of human bodies. It can be applied to cure the males of their premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, widen their penises, and enhance their rigidity and erection times, hence a top treasure of new generation for penis.

Specification: 1500mg* 5 tablets

Main Ingredients: Panax quinguefolium, Astragalus root, herba epimedii, medlar and cornstarchl.
Key Ingredient and Content: Every 100g contain saponins 0.43g

Health functions:
Alleviate physical fatigue, quickly erecting the penis, stiffening and widening the penis, curing premature ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction, and improving sexual activities, and curing waist and leg ache.

Suitable For: fatigue-prone people
Recommended: To the sexual impotence, the premature ejaculation, if the natural pleasant sensation flaw and has special effect on other diseases

Usage: take 1 pill once a day with warm boiled water, 15mins before sexual intercourse.

1. cannot take continuously, teenagers forbidden to take.
2. If the frequent erection appears, drink cold water.
3. people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and sugar diabetes may take the medicine.
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