Zao Xie Ke Xing

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Zao Xie Ke Xing – Killer of Premature Ejaculation

Zao Xie Ke Xing is one kind of Tibetan medicine from jokulo Tibet. It combined the distillate of Tibetan and Han Dynasty medicine, using natural wild jokul awto as the main material, purified by modern high-biology technique.The Zao Xie Ke Xing is available online throught HARD TEN DAYS PILLS, welcome~

It’s unique effect can adjust man’s physical energy system, soonest erection. Long taking can stimulate the regrowth of masculine genitals to abtain a bloomy semen without any dependence.

Main ingredients: aweto, deer antler, medlar, broomrape, etc..

Suitable person: Shortness of penis, ache of waist and knee, erection but hard, impotent and micturition sufferer.

Does direction: Take one capsule orally 30 minutes before sex intercourse( effect will be better by chewing)

Shelf life: 4 years


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