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Captain America is suitable for those who always has frequent sex intercourse to sustained stamina you need to perform like a raging bull each time. Captain America Sex Enhancer could truly improve the impotence and boost the second growth of penis. Captain America Capsule could recuperate the balance of mens body, make up the deficiency of the kidney and replenish the kidney essence to helps those who lifts but not firm, lacks the ability to perform sex well, slow erection,increase the size of penis,postpones the time of ejaculation. Captain America Tablets own it good name with its wonderful effects.


Damiana, Tongkat Ali, Butea superba extract, Pepper, Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Cynomorium, Cordyceps sinensis, Epimedium


middle aged and older male adults who are physically weak with a kidney dysfunction, penis shrinking and shortening, early ejaculation, scarce sexual needs etc.

[Specification] 1 pill/card

[Usage & Dosage] Take one capsule 5 minutes prior to sexual activity.

[Warning] Drink cold water if erection lasts too long or non-ejaculation to demise affect.

[Storage] Store in cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.

[Shelf Time] 3 years

[Manufacture] Captainus Distributors, LLC. Jacksonville, FL 32216


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