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MMC Maca Sex Tablet Review:

MMC Maca Male Impotence is the perfect man health supplement product for mid-aged men, which could consumed by body within 5 minutes.

MMC Maca Male Enhancer helps improve the immune system, stimulate the adrenal gland and increase sperm production for virility.

Effects of Maca Natural Sexual Enhancer:

Surpport healthy hormone level; Support Sexual Health; Increase energy and endurance.


Main Ingredient of MMC Maca Sex Pill: Maca from Peru, etc.


Suitable Crowd of Maca Sex Enhancer:

1. impotence, premature ejaculation, shortness of penis, and kidney weakness;

2. people who want to express his manliness, to show his power as man;

3. do not satisfy sex life, want to keep longer sex duration.


Specification: 10 tablets+10 pills


How to take Maca Powerful Tablet:

Take 1 tablet and 1 pill 30 minutes before sex intercourse


Attentions for taking MMC Maca Sexual Product:

1. Do not take other high blood pressure medicine while taking this product;

2. Drink cold water if you suffering from too strong sexual desire;

3. Patients with heart disease, or high blood pressure also can take it.


Storage: Sealed and placed in dry spot


Shelf Time: 3 years


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