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Chong Cao Lu Rong Shen is made from the rare medicinal materials,  it can not only strengthen the organ’s function by reinforcing the primordial but also nourishing the kidney and tonifying the essence house to control seminal emission. It enjoy an excellent effect help for premature ejaculation, impotence, spermatorrhea, sexual capability decline which due to physiological kidney resulting in sexual deficiency. Chong Cao Lu Rong Shen has super good effect on treating male prostate disease, people with heart disease, high blood pressure even drinking alcohol do not affect its effect!

Main ingredients: cordyceps, Peru ginseng, Tongkat Ali, benzene-B-2 carboxy-sitosterol, and fentany, TONGKAT ALI, niacin, L-arginine ( HCL), such as the essence of a variety of herbaceous plants.

Application: this prodcut is adapted to men’s sexual dysfunction, testossterone replacement therapy, syndrome, chronic aplastic anemia. Scope of spirit of meurasthenia, etc, caused by functional impotence, premture ejaculation, prostatitis, diabetes, etc. can also be used as a result of secondary impotence.

1. minors be used with caution;
2. within 24 hours may not re-use;
3. if there is an erection or sexual intercouse several times in the long-Bo dise not vent, the hydrolysis of potable cold open.

Usage and dosage: take orally one pill 10 minutes before having sex.

Storage: stored in a cool and dry place.

Specification: 3800mg * 5pills.

Penis is one signs of male confidence, if you do not want to be laughed at by other persons, then, you  need to increase  penis size. The best way to enlarge male penis is to take Chong Cao Lu Rong Shen, it is the best sex product for male penis enlargement!


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