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Furunbao Chinese sex pill
Furunbao  male enhancement is one of the most popular Chinese sexual capsules.
Furunbao male enhancer pill Ingredients:
Materials refined from the kidneys of goat, cattle and deer, Chinese yam, Wolfberry Fruit, Fruit of alpinia, oxyphlla etc.
Furunbao pill’s formula improves common male issues such as impotence, premature ejaculation, fatigue and poor sex drive. The natural herbs that this stimulant contains provide a quick shot of protein to the body which improves erectile dysfunction quickly.
Why choose Furunbao male enhancer pill?
– It works
Over 70,000 happy customers in 2010 so far!
Furunbao China male enhancer pills is good for cure dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, backache, leg pain, limb weakness, insomnia, abnormal prostate, urinary frequency, urgency, impotence and other adverse effects the performance of a good recovery, Furunbao pills are especially better for older people.
– All Natural
Furunbao capsule is an all natural product, thus no side effects! Furunbao capsule does not contain any hormone drugs, free of prohibited ingredients,
– Long lasting effect
The effect lasts as much as 72 hours. Furunbao  sexual capsules also improves your natural desire.
Human protein-energy supplement, enhance physical fitness. .
Provide usable human kidney renin in order to fast efficiency; renal cell metabolism and promote gonadal tissue regeneration.
– It is affordable
FURUNBAO is the most affordable stimulant on the market.
[Specification]: 0.3 g * 8 capsules/tin or 2 capsules/pack
[Storage]: Keep in a cool and dry place.
[Used method]: Take furunbao pill orally, 1-2 capsules every time.
[Suitable crowd]: People in weak physique.
[Standard Code]: Q/SFR S001-2002
[Publisher]:Beijing Dong Fang Yijie Technology Development Corporation; FURUISHI Nutrition Food Co., Ltd. (produced jointly developed)
[Anti-fake label]: Call the phone on FURUNBAO iron box, enter the number at the tone. You will hear you have a query for the genuine product identification products, sub-voice prompts to: genuine products, the first query.
[Purchase male enhancement pills]: Our website offer hundreds of herbal natural male enhancement pills.
China Furunbao Capsule and China Healthcare Food,Furunbao Capsule, provided by poerkan web.

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  1. flavius plummer

    this is one of the best product you could ever use.It gives you all you need just so sad can’t get it in uS

  2. Alfred Chaparro

    first time love to try

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