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Aphrodisiac sexy coffee is a product with aphrodisiac ingredients added to the solid coffee by means of modern science and skills, which remains the coffee taste, color and nutritional ingredients unchanged and makes the coffee with aphrodisiac effect cites the road of desire.

A couple of fragrant coffee ignites her endless potential for love.

After 15 minutes taking the aphrodisiac coffee, it will produce a lust difficult to repress, with an excited affection and red facial color just like the desire sensibility fills your body, makes you feel short of breath and anxious for love and helps you to have sexual intercourse arbitrary.


  1. Aphrodisiac sexy coffee has the effect of stimulating the nerve center of man and women, regulating hormone secretion, increasing male’s sexual desire, helping the sexual intercourse to be more smoothly and getting the sexual climax and satisfaction.
  2. Aphrodisiac coffee can help to improve the male sexual weakness, the lack of sexual desire and sexual climax.
  3. Pure natural ingredients, no side effects, non-addictive.

Specifications: Box of 8 packets

Ingredients: Caffeine with Aphrodisiac factor, white sugar, grasp syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, American Aphrodisiac (Cosp), emulsifiers, anti-caking agent, instant coffee, etc.

Use: A cup of a packet before sexual intercourse, add 150ml hot water brewing.

Note: Prohibition of pregnant women and female minors to drink, aphrodisiac coffee is only for law-abiding couple house holding using, Minors banned.

Libido coffee for women (instant uses) (instant uses)

Dosage: 100% natural herbs (some in extracts)

Immediate reaction within 30-50 (preferably within 15-20min)

Increases desire, sex drive and stamina

Heightens intensity of climax

Boosts and speeds up orgasm (15-20 minutes from starting sexual intercourse)

Provides sensual feeling and warmth in genitals


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