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What is MMC Arabian Sex Tablets ?

MMC Arabian Sex Tablet is a very popule sex product which has perfect performance on male health. It combines extracts of plancts with high technology, thus make it a really good quality product and it sales all over the world.

Effects of MMC Arabian Male Enhancement Tablet:

1. improve the effect of male erectile dysfunction;

2. stimulate and activate the dilatation of blood vessels of the penis;

3. make penis more blood volume while regulating the pituitary gland;

4. inhibit premature ejaculation to improve sexual function;

5. prolong sex time.

Customer evaluation for Powerful MMC Arabian Male Tablet:

‘I’m often asked whether penis length affects fertility and the good news is no,’ says Dr Ghosh.

But the amount of sex you have  is important. The more often you make love, the better quality your sperm will be.

‘If you’re trying to conceive, you need the sperm to be as fresh as possible — not stuff that’s been sitting in the prostate for three or four days,’ he adds.


[Specification of Sex Enhancer MMC Arabian Tablet]: 10 tablets/box

[Usage and dosage]: take one MMC Arabian Tablet 20 minute before sex activity


1.Contraindicated for those under age.

2.No excessive dose and avoid taking together with western medicines.

[storage]: Keep in cool and dry place, sealed.

[Shelf Time]:3 years


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