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Cheap Plant Vigra Pills is for sale online and you can buy on our website at a good price. It combines Chinese medicine with modern medical perfectly. Vigra Vegetal Male Enhancement has no any side effects on the human body and no adverse reactions.  It can boost libido levels, increase stamina and decrease occurrences of premature ejaculation. Plant Vigra Green Pill could Last for a long time, eliminate toxins, activate the testicular cells, relieve fatigue and improve physical activity. Plant Vigra Green Pill dose not form a product psychological dependence.


Gingseng. Damiana, Menthol, Fo-Ti, GotuKola, Saw Palmetto, etc.


It is applicable for testosterone replacement therapy for male under sexed, kalangfitt syndrome and chronic aplastic anemia.

[Specification] 6800mg*8 pills

[Usage & Dosage] Orally, take one pill 20 minutes before sex activity.


1.This product is NOT intended to be used by minors.

2.Do not repeatedly within 24 hours;

3. It is forbidden to people who are under age.

[Storage] Stored in cool place.

[Shelf Time] 3 years

[Manufacture] Hong Kong Tiansheng bio-tech company


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