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Tibet Babao Male Stimulant Pill is one of the most popular sex product in China.You could buy Tibet Babao Pills online at a good price. Tibet Babao Pill could Effectively alleviate physical fatigue and restore man exuberant energy. Tibet Babao Male Enhancement Pills let the man quickly restore energy and full of combat. Gradually improving libido fatigue caused by kidney fatigue, impotence, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction (ED) problems.


Tibet Donkey penis-kidney, Deer penis-kidney, fur seal kidney, gecko, saffron, cow testicles, cordyceps, snow lotus, snow deer penis, sea horse, herbal cistanches, longan, ginseng, medlar.


Membrum littleness, nicety, prospermia, spermatorrhea, poor vitally of spermatozoa, disturbance of sexual function, hyposexuality, aching pain of the waist and knees, myasthenia of the limbs, dizziness and tinnitus, weak constitution and night sweat, frequent urination at night, prostatitis et, all symptoms induced by renal deficiency.

[Specification] 10 pills/bottle

[Usage & Dosage] 1 pill while needed, taken orally with warm boiled water.


1. Dont be anxious for success and take the drug in excess.

2. Persons with heart disease and hypertension may take it. It cannot be taken with western medicine at one time.

3. If erected many times or for a long time without ejaculation after administration, to drink cooled boiled water for cure.

4. Do not take this drug repeatedly in 24 hours.

[Storage] Sealed, keep in dry and cool place

[Shelf Time] 3 years

[Manufacture] Hong Kong Dragon bio-tech pharmaceuticals company


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