Santi Scalper Capsule

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Santi ScalperĀ Penis sex enhance for male
1 herbal sex medicine
2 satisfying orgasms
3 enlarge penis’ size
4 natural product

Applicable people:

hypofunction, deficiency of kidney, urine more than usual, mental disorder, erect but not strong, strong but cant last long time, angiosclerosis, impotence, premature, sexual dysfunction, without high tide.

Usage and dosage:

Take orally, 2-3 capsules each time, for people below 50, 2 capsules are sufficient, Please take this product 1-2 hours before sexual activity.

Specification and storage:

9 capsules/bottle, Normally keep under room temperature for 24 months


  1. This product is not suitable for people below 18 years old
  2. The patients of hypertension and heart disease must use this product carefully. The dosage must be properly controlled to avoid over excitement.
  3. Never use this product with the nitroglycerin products at the same time to avoid hypotension.


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