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Mens Energy Supplement is a pure natural herbal medicine which is quite safe and effective with no stimulants or toxin. Mens Energy Pills For Male Enhancement employs the most advanced formulation and it could be absorbed quickly by human body and restore the energy quickly. People who has high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes mellitus could also take Mens Energy Pill and it has good performance on prostatitis.


Ginseng, antler(unhairing), aweto, angelica, medlar, astragalus root, epimedium, cprtex eicp,,oae, radix aconiti carmichaeli, dodder, cooked rehmannia, rehmannia(fried), herb cistanches, semen alli tuberosi, actinolite.


Impotence, premature  ejaculation, penis, prostatitis, infertility long marriage, male and female sex, dryness, painful sexual intercourse, nocturnal emission, hua jing, waist and feet and knees, insomnia, forgetfulness, lack of energy, hair loss, white hair, the frail elderly kidney, penile shrinkage, loss of libido, weakness and so on.

[Specification] 7000mg*12 pills

[Usage & Dosage]

Orally take with warm water 10 minutes before sexual love(better effect to take after chewing).


Do not orally take it with other western drug, plaease drink could water if penis erects for a long period or don’t ejaculate during sexual love.

[Storage] Keep in cool and dry place.

[Shelf Time] Three years.

[Manufacture] Qianlima Bioligical Pharmaceutical Engineering Co., Ltd.


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