Yi Shen Shi Qi Wei Wan

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Common Name: Yi Shen Shi Qi Wei Wan

Product Name: Meng Wang

Ingredients: Gardenia jasminoides, Herba Aconitum, Acorus calamus, Woody Acacia, Cassia (calcium), Venus, Oxeye, Black Cloud Aroma, Kidney Bean, Valerian, Safflower, Loquat Leaf, Ink, Artificial Musk , white bean pods, big quail season flowers, purple grass velvet.

Traits: This product is a red water pill, after removal of the coating was dark brown; with bitter taste.

It has the effects of clearing kidney heat, consolidating essence.
It will be suitable for all kinds of Symptoms, waist and knee pain, spermatorrhea and testicular swelling.

Specifications : 0.2g*60 pills.

Dosage: Take it Orally. Take 5-11 capsules at one time before going to sleep at night, or as directed by your doctor.

Adverse reactions: Still uncertain.

Taboo: Pregnant women and children are not allowed.

1. The elderly and the infirm must be used with caution.
2. this product contains aconitine, should be taken strictly the prescribed amount as instructed by the doctor.
3. Do not arbitrarily increase dosage and time.
4. After taking the medicine, if you have numbness of the tongue, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, distress, nausea, difficulty in breathing, etc., you should immediately stop the medication and go to the hospital for treatment.
5. It has been reported that wine can increase the toxicity of Aconitum and cause poisoning.

Medicine Interactions : Drug interactions may occur at the same time as the users taking with other drugs. For details, consult a physician or pharmacist.

Pharmacology and toxicology : Still uncertain.

Storage: stored it in Closed and cool place.

Packaging: Aluminum plastic packaging.

Validity period: 24 months.

Approval Number: Chinese medicine accurate character Z15020405

Company Name: Inner Mongolia Meng Medicine Co., Ltd.


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