Shen Rong Bian Wan

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Common Name: Shen Rong Bian Wan
Product Name: De Chang Xiang
Theory of the Shen Rong Bian Wan:
Kidney essence is divided into Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang. Kidney Yin deficiency or Yang deficiency will occurs on different people because of different diet and living habits. Yin prosperity would lead to Yang declination, while Yang prosperity would also lead to Yin declination. Many traditional Chinese medicines use deer antler, hippocampus, donkey whip, dog whip, and other big tonic drugs. This ingredients can tonifying Kidney Yang simply but it would lead to is Kidney Yin deficiency. In the choice of drug treatment, we must pay attention to balance Yin and Yang, regulate the function of the organs, enrich Qi and blood, enhance the vitality of organs and cells, absorb qi, consolidate capital and cultivate yuan.
Ingredients: Deer antler, Morinda officinalis, Cuscuta (fried), Yangqiu (calced), Heishun tablets, Amomum villosum, Digupi, Liquorice, Dried house finch, Epimedium (system), Cynomorium, Daqing salt, Chives Child, dog whip (hot), whip (hot), red ginseng, psoralen (salt fried), gardenia, cinnamon, rehmannia, shiyan (calcination), eucommia (carbon), male cloves, asparagus , hippocampus (system), Sichuan Achyranthes, sulfur (system), ass whip (hot), bullwhip (hot).
Traits: This product is a black coating of water balls, remove the coat, was grayish brown; it taste salty, bitter, pungent.
1. The group of people who always feel weak and want to get a stronger Kidney impotenc.
2. Thoes who got libido decline, kidney deficiency.
3. Men get premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission can try this product.
Specifications: 0.23g*120 granules/box

Main function of the Shen Rong Bian Wan:
Tonifying kidney essence and balances yin and yang.Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the harmony of qi and blood and commonly refers to yin and yang. The ingredients the Shen Rong Bian Wan use both torify kidney essence yin and yang.

Dosage and usage: Take it orally. 10 pieces per time and 2 times a day with light salt water or boiled water. Those with chronic illness who take 15 days for a course of treatment, stopped for 2 days, and continued to take the second course of treatment, the curative effect increased with treatment time.
Adverse reactions: Still uncertain.
Taboo: Pregnant women are not allowed.
Precautions: Hypertensive persons should be used with caution or as prescribed by doctors.
Medicine Interactions: Drug interactions may occur if the users take it together with other drugs. Please consult a physician or pharmacist before using the product.
Pharmacology and toxicology: Still uncertain.
Storage: Sealed, moisture-proof.
Packaging: Aluminium plastic plate, 60 pills / box and 2 boxes per pack.
Validity period: 36 Months.
Approval Number:Chinese medicine accurate character Z52020066
Company Name:Guiyang Dechangxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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