Shen Xiong Wen Yang Jiao Nang


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Common Name: Shen Xiong Wen Yang Jiao Nang

Product Name: Yin Nuo Ke
Impotence refers to the penis can not erect or erect hard when sexual desire is required, or the inability to maintain sexual intercourse for a sufficient period of time even though there is erection and a certain degree of hardness, thus hindering sexual intercourse or failing to complete sexual intercourse.
Suggestions: Many causes of impotence are mental factors such as emotional apathy between husband and wife, age or nervousness due to some reasons, which can lead to impotence. If the erection center is often in a nervous state due to too many times of masturbation and habitual sexual intercourse, impotence can also occur over time under the guidance of a doctor.
Ingredients: Ginseng stem and leaf total saponins, gardenia, sand seed, royal jelly, drone, rabbit testis.

Traits: This product is a hard capsule, the content of which is a light gray-brown; and it taste bitter.

Indications: It will be suitable for thoes who has Kidney impotence. For impotence caused by kidney yang deficiency, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea.

Specifications : 0.3g per capsule。

Dosage: take it Orally. 1 to 2 capsules at a time, 1 to 2 times a day.

Adverse reactions : Still uncertain.

Taboo : Still uncertain.

Precautions : Still uncertain.

Storage: Sealed.

Packaging: Aluminum plastic

Validity period: 36 Months.

Executive Standard: State Food and Drug Administration Standards, Drug Standard Number WS-11257(ZD-1257)-2002-2012Z

Approval Number : State Drug Quasi-Z20026979

Company Name : Changchun Yinnuoke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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