Zhuang Yang Chuan Jiao

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Common Name: Zhuang Yang Chuan Jiao Nang
Product Name: Dao Jun
Cistanche deserticola can regulate the amount of nucleic acid content in liver and spleen for yang deficiency and yin deficiency animals. It can activate adrenal gland and release cortical hormone. The mechanism of the ingredient is to enhance the function of hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary luteinizing hormone. This effect is not due to their direct stimulation of pituitary luteinizing hormone secretion, but to improve the responsiveness of pituitary to LRH and ovary to LH. It is suggested that the function of tonifying kidney of traditional Chinese medicine lies in improving the regulation mechanism in the body and playing an active therapeutic role through the restoration of the internal function of the body itself.
Testimal research:
Through the research on the effect of Cistanche deserticola on the DNA synthesis rate of “yang deficiency” animals, it is found that hydroxyurea reduces the DNA synthesis rate due to its inhibition of the reduction reaction of nucleotides at the diphosphorylation level, and protein and energy metabolism disorders cause “yang deficiency”; Cistanche deserticola may contain a bioactive factor that activates nucleotide reductase, thus it can significantly improve the DNA synthesis rate of “yang deficiency” animals and promote RNA synthesis. Improving nucleic acid metabolism of protein; Adding its dilute ethanol extract into drinking water to feed rats has the effect of promoting growth and development.

Ingredients: Cistanche, Cynomorium, Cuscuta (salt), gardenia, fleece-flower root (system), psyllium (salt), and rosehip.
Traits: This product is a capsule, the contents of which are tan granular powder; sweet.
Suitable group:
1. It will be suitable for middle-aged old men who are always feel a kidney pain.
2. Thoes who want to Bushen.
3. The group of men who are lack of sperm.
4. The men who always feel sick and weak.
The Zhuang Yang Chuan Jiao Nang can be used when the users found that they have the kidney deficiency problems. When kidney deficiency occurs, the immune ability of the kidney is reduced, and the microcirculation system of the kidney is blocked, and the kidney collaterals are blocked. Kidney deficiency refers to deficiency of kidney essence. There are many types of kidney deficiency, the most common one is kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency.

Dosage: Orally, once a day or twice a day depends on the doctor’s suggestion.
Adverse reactions: Still uncertain.
Taboo: Still uncertain.
Precautions: Still uncertain.
Storage: Closed, cool place.
Packaging: 0.3*24 Capsules.
Validity period: 36 Months.
Approval Number: Chinese medicine accurate character Z22022599
Company Name:Jilin Daojun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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