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Big X Plus sex medicine is a kind of herbal supplement for penis enlargement which contains hundreds of natural herbal extract! The main effect is to enlarge penis in width and length, and it can also a kind of male enhancement for men to get harder erection. Big X Plus sex medicine is suitable for large amount of men who has short penis and small penis and also those who are feel inability to get erection.
1. Enlarge penis for more than 36% in penile circumference, thickness for more than 25%
2. Erectile more durable, harder and prolonging sex time, upgrade capacity.
3. solve the problem of premature ejaculation.
4. 100% of the effective commitment.

Zinc (as zinc oxide), Drilizen, Solidilin, Reishi ,Mushroom (fruit), Amla (Berry), Bladerwrack (root), Safflower (flower), Cassia (bark), Shatavari (roots and shoots), Curculigo (roots), Cordyceps Sinensis (friut), Momordica (fruit), Arjuna (bark), Apigenin (leaf), Dicalcium phosphate, vegetable stearate, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and titanium dioxide.

[Targeted Group]
1. Men between 20-50 years old who have early ejaculation.
2. The men who can not stay erection for more than 15 mins.
3. Feel tired and headache after sex intercourse.
[Specification] 10 pills/bottle(pack)
[Storage] Sealed and put in a cool and dry place
[Shelf Life] 3 years
[Dosage and usage]:
One capsule per time to be taken with warm water, half an hour before sexual activities. For best effects, take with empty stomach.

1. Do not take twice within 24 hours.
2. Can not take with another medicine.
3. If you feel dizzy, please take more water.

The ingredients contains in the Big X Plus sex medicine helps promote the blood circulation on the penis, and make the vascular expansion. The Big X Plus sex pill also can delay sex time and make erection powerful and hard! Men who are suffer from small penis and early ejaculation need to have a try our Big X Plus sex medicine.


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