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Ye Lang Shen sex delayed capsule with natural herbs ingredients, which can directly absorb by male penis, boost penis blood circulation, and promote penis regrow. Increase penis bigger, longer and harder. Ye Lang Shen can stay in our body for 168 hours, make people totally enjoy long sexual duration. and it do not affect by heart disease or high blood pressure. this product can help men release more semen, and supplement nutrition for men, let men reach multi-ejaculation and climax with no fatigue. it is a good male sexual product worth you test!

Main ingredients: deer whip, yak penis, huang jing, lock Yang, GuiBan, angelica, hippocampus, etc.

1. shortness penis, premature ejaculaiton, sexual desire let down, or other sexual dysfucntion caused by weak kidney;
2. peopel pursue high-quality sexual life, and want to prolong sex time;
3. people who do not satisfy with his penis, and want to change it.  Usage and dosage: take orally one piece before sleeping with warm water( test special effect, just one pill 10-30 minutes before sexual intercourse)

1. can not overtake for hurry result;
2. it is recommended to drink cold water if frewuent erection;
3. do not repeatedly take within 24 hours;
4. keep it out of childrens reach.

Specification: 5000mg * 8pills.


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