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Dragon Capsules New Herbal sex medicine for MEN
Dragon Capsules For Men – Herbal Male Enhancement

Dragon 6 Capsules

Dragon New Herbal Formula for MEN is an approved product specially formulated for erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, fatigue etc. Perfect remedy for men!

Dragon Capsules For Men has a special effect on the heart , kidneys, blood, sexual organs, ageing process and the entire body function. Dragon Capsule for Men therefore ensures proper functioning of the heart, proper functioning of the kidneys, proper circulation of blood, strengthen the sex organs and other body functions to give a better sex life. Dragon sex capsules is also suitable for men with diabetes who cannot have erection for sexual intercourse. Dragon Capsule Herbal sex medicine for MEN has no side effects.The onset of action for Dragon Capsule for Men is very slow but it lasts longer about 36-48 hours.

Usage & Dosage:
It is advised to take 1 Dragon Capsule for MEN, 2hours in advance of sexual intercourse.
Dragon Capsule for Men can also be taken as a food supplement. Take 1 Dragon Capsule every three days after food. The same dosage applies to diabetics.

Dragon 6 Capsules Not suitable for female and children!

Keep Dragon 6 Capsules tightly in cool and dry place

Dragon 6 Capsules Manufactured by:
Henan new spring pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Attentions Here:
Dear Gentlemen, Dragon New Herbal Formula for MEN 6 Capsules is our new all Herbal sex medicines in 2011. We have received good feedbacks from our Dear Customers for Dragon Capsule for MEN: fast in effects, Less side effects, Cheap!
We have lots of Dragon 6 Capsules in stock now. We can deliver 2 days after your payment.
We ship by EMS. As for payment, you can pay by credit card, bank transfer, western union, or MoneyGram.

Here are some tips for Men to Be Energetic:
1. Morning Exercise for 5 minutes:
Doing morning exercise for 5 minutes charges for your body, and better burns calorie as well. You just need spend 5 minutes doing some push-up, and jumping, to accelerate heart beat, and finally achieve the desired effects. Or you can punch for 100 times facing the mirror, to feel the accumulation of energy.

2. Habits of Drinking Water:
Under exsiccosis, you always feel very tired.
To get rid of this, drink a cup of water to clean internal body and add ‘lubricant’ to the vital organs of the body; Drink at least 1 liter of water every day (But it is NOT ‘the more, the better’. Just maintain your body with enough amount of water).

3. Fine Breakfast:
Studies have found out that people without breakfast tend to overweight much easier, and feel more sleepy and blue; While those who have breakfast are more energetic, and relatively well-proportioned in shape.

4. Extra Meal at 10:00 a.m.
Even if you have a good breakfast, you will feel hungry at 10:30 a.m. for you have nearly run out of starch of the day before. If you wanna be energetic the rest of the day, you’d better have extra meal: a bar of chocolate or a few biscuits, etc. to ‘refuel’, and effective to avoid lunch overeating.

5. Coffee or Tea in the afternoon:
After lunch, you will feel sleepy easily. If you wanna be egergetic then, just need a cup of coffee or tea. But better no coffee or tea 4 hours before bedtime. Otherwise you’ll be too excited to fall asleep.

6. Much talking, Much relief:
A Netherlands study finds out that the introvert feel tired much easier than the extrovert. The extrovert are more energetic for they are willing to talk and communicate with other, and good at finding fun. They share the troubles, pressure, and something unlucky with others. They usually do not feel tired and bored. Whereas the introvert usually like quite and being alone, do not enjoy social acativities so much. They lack the ways to relieve pressure.

7. Good sitting posture: When you stand or sit in the office, it’s good to make your abdomen in, have relexed shoulders, and a streching nexk.

8. Work and Relax together:
When you have some difficulties in work, you can not think out the solution immediately. Then it may be good to relax for a little while, drinking a cup of tea, then go back to work. When you are extremely tired, take some deep breath, or flip some magazines, or talking a few minutes with others, maybe the inspiration suddenly comes.

9. Standing up to answer the phone: strech your body, and fill your brain with blood rich in oxygen.

10. Singing while bathing: feeling happy and reliveing pressure.


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