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If your are bothered by the size of your penis, the softness of your erection, the short time of your erection, choosing MeiGuoLaoJianYingWang sexual enhancer, it will solve all your problems! This product has the features of taking effect within short time and keep effect for a long time, can satisfy your sex partner all desire of sex. MeiGuoLaoJianYingWang has been tested by American FDA, which prove it can be long term used for recoving male sexual vitality, and prlong life, with no side effect, no dependence or any bad reaction. MeiGuoLaoJianYingWang has good treatment on prostate disease.

Functions: stimulate body growth glands, promote corpus cavernosum regrow, effectively increase penis size, make penis thieker and stronger, thus can treat impotence and decline the rate of being sexyal dysfunction.

Usage and dosage: orally take one pill 10 minutes before having sex, one pill can keep effect for 120 hours, and make males keep sexual excitment.

1. stored it in cool and dry places;
2. patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus can take it;
3. drinking alcohol for better sex result.
4. every 1g contains 960mg L-Arginine.

Validity: 3 years.
Specification: 1600mg/pill.

Different people has different ways to pursue pleasure, MeiGuoLaoJianYingWang helps you find the most suitable way, and makes you totally enjoy the lovers’ world! MeiGuoLaoJianYingWang with perfect packaging, is the best gift for your lover or friends. We promise  sell original products only, if you find anything fake, we will return money back!


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