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VIGRA 5000mg Blue Tablets
Erect penis, enlarge penis

With unique recipe, VIGRA male enhanment product can strngthen the blood circulation of blood vessel in the penis, produce natural hormone, expand the cavernosa, and push more blood into the cavernosa during erection. Therefore, the pressure in the cavernosa will be increased and the cavernosa will be enlarged accordingly, which will accomodate 30% more blood than usual. After taking VIGRA 5000mg Blue Pills, the volume of the cavernosa will increase evidently. More blood accomodated not only brings longer and fuller erection of the penis, but the penis will increase permanently in terms of its length, thickness, and hardness as well.

Instructions for VIGRA 5000mg penis pills erection pills:

Specification: 5000mg*4tablets

Ginseng, Cattle pizzle, Barbary wolfberry fruit, Hairy deer-born, Epemedium herb, Chinese caterpillar fungus, etc.

Applicable for:
Adult males with ED, prematureejaculation, small penis, prostatitis, sexualess, spermatorrhea, feet ache and lumbar limpness, insomnia and amnesia, lack of strength, or hyposexuality.

Dosage & Usage:
take one pill 10 minutes before sexual intercourse with warm water, one time a day.
For men’s daily health, better take only one pill in 3 days!

Stardard Implemented: Q/KLB-03-2000
Approval Document NO. QB/L0-2003
Valid period: 3years
Storage: in cool, dry place.

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