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Activate kidney function  
Promote male genital regrow
Good effect on prostate  
Keep effect for 120 hours

Godhead strong ant contains manys kinds of rare Chinese herbal medicine, help men naturally erect within one hour, and multi-erection within 72 hours. After taking this product, the penis will be enlarged, thickened, and strongly erected, definitely delay sex time to 60 hours. Furthermore, it is not affected by heart diseases,and hypertension!

Main ingredients: deer penis, rhizoma polygonati, songaria cynomorium herb, tortoise plastron, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, hippocampus etc.

Application: penis shorness, genitals hypogenesis, quinquagen who is weak and deficient of the kidney, penis atrophy, premature ejaculation, libido weakening, and those who want to pursue life quality, incarnate entire ego and extend the time of sexual intercourse.

Usage and dosage: no more than 1 capsule daily. The effectiveness is guaranteed by clinical experimentations and the use of customers in Canada. There is no side effect after long-term use. Have one and just wait for the miracle!

Specification: 8capsules * 3000mg.

1. it is strictly prohibited to take any western medicine 12 hours before or after taking this product;
2. it is absolutely not able to be taken with nitric acid ester kind medicine;
3. it can not be repeatedly used in 24 hours;
4. it is forbidden to be anxious to take excessive quantity.


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