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Maca Sex Pill Male Enhancement Review:

1. Anti-fatigue, improve semi-health: the main component amino acid, mineral substance Zn and taurine in Maca Sex Pill could fight gainst fatigue and invigorate health effectively.

2. Anti-oxidation: Maca Sexual Pill could eliminate the free radical, protect the cell from oxidation, reduce the wrinkle and improve the skin;

3. Balance the hormone, adjust incretion: there is no sex hormone in Maca Sex Pill, the alkaloid in it could regulate the function of adrenal gland and pancreas;


Maca, ginseng ,etc.

[Suitable Crowd]:

impotence, premature ejaculation, fatigue and poor sex drive and people in weak physique.

[Specification]: 2 bottles/ box

[Usage and dosage]:

Take orally, 2-3 pills every time, three times per day.


1. Use just as directed;

2. Dont take this product with other medicine;

3. Consult with you doctor to take it if you have heart disease or high blood pressure.

[Storage]: Keep in a cool and dry place


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