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Randy Capsule Review:

Taking one capsule:

You could feel the increasing sex desire, enhancement of voluptus and longer sexual time. And, you will be glad to found that you are not feel tired after sex and has no other side effect.

Taking one course:

After taking one course, your penis has obviously become longer and bigger and the great improvement of sexual life. Both you and your parter could enjoy the sexual happiness. Women are quite satisfied with your performance.

Taking three courses:

After taking three courses, your penis will reach at 4-8 centimeter, the girth increase about 50%. You will have strong desire for sex and the time can be last for 2 hours. Your sex ability could reach at peak.


jujube grass, cordyceps sinensis, Korean ginseng, rhizoma polygonati, etc.

[Suitable Crowd]:

Impotence, premature ejaculation, the penis short atrophy, genital hypoplasia are.

[Specification]: 10 capsules/ bottle

[Usage and dosage]:

30 minutes before sex oral one, not many clothes


Medication please do not over-drinking, this product group Efficiency 98%;

Heart disease,hypertension, hypotension, please follow the doctor’s advice to take more seriously disabled;

Strong even after ejaculation is a normal phenomenon.

[Storage]: Keep at 15-30 degree in a dry place.

[Shelf Life]: 2 years


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