Nan Chun Bao Ke Li

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Common Name: Nan Chun Bao Ke Li
Product Name: Dan Bo Rui

In the Chinese traditional medicine thory, the function of the liver and kidney is very important in the sex impotence. Either of two organs disfunction would have bad effect on the whole body health and also the sexual health. In China Pharmacopoeia1, the characteristic of liver is yang. The liver governs and regulates qi activity of the whole body, and the liver qi has the function of regulating qi activity of the spleen and stomach, which can cause stagnation of qi activity of the spleen and stomach and dysfunction of transportation and transformation of the spleen. Liver qi invades the spleen and causes abdominal pain and diarrhea. Modern medicine also believes that when people are angry, sympathetic nerves are excited and catecholamine secretion in the body increases, resulting in red face, accelerated heartbeat and elevated blood pressure.
What is the special on the Nan Chun Bao Ke Li:
In the traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, The sex impotence is cased by the kidney disfunction. The tonic herbs such as cordyceps sinensis, morinda officinalis, cistanche deserticola are commonly used, but the effect is not good. The main problems derived from the liver. According to the characteristics of the liver, it should soothe the liver, regulate qi, enrich the blood and nourish the liver, clear away heat and release liver, or activate blood and remove blood stasis. The main ingredients used in the Nan Chun Bao Ke Li is to regulate the liver function.
Ingredients and main function: Centipede, Angelica, white peony, licorice.
Centipede is commonly used in the Chinese medicine to clear and activate the channels and collaterals and improve immune function. It contains two poisonous components similar to bee venom, namely histamine-like substance and hemolytic protein. It also contains fatty oil, cholesterol, formic acid, etc. Centipede also contains Delta-hydroxylysine and Amino acids include histidine, arginine, ornithine, lysine, glycine, alanine, valine, leucine, phenylalanine, serine, taurine and glutamic acid.
Angelica sinensis not only can enrich blood, but also can promote blood circulation. Angelica sinensis nourishes blood and angelica tail promote the blood flow.Angelica sinensis has always been regarded as an essential blood tonic for anemia treatment. There are also studies that single angelica does not significantly promote the recovery of red blood cells and hemoglobin in hemorrhagic anemia animals.
white peony: The liver protecting effect. The ingredients has obvious effect on liver injury caused by carbon tetrachloride, aflatoxin B1 and D- galactosamine.

Traits: This product is brown granules, sweet taste.
Indications: Shugan Tongluo, nourishing Rongrong, used for liver Qi is not sparse, the blood is not caused by Rongjin Yangshuo.
Specifications : 7g for one bag.
usage and dosage: Take it orally with water, 7g once and twice a day, and it is brown yellow granules. Sweet and slightly bitter. Attention should be paid to those with severe cold accompanied by fever and cough when taking the medicine, and the medicine should be suspended. Avoid eating raw and cold food, and avoid irritation. The drug interaction may occur when used it together with other drugs, please consult your doctor or pharmacist for details.
Adverse reactions: Still uncertain.
Taboo: Still uncertain.
Precautions: Still uncertain.
Storage: Sealed.
Packaging: 6 bags per box.
Validity period: 24 Months.
Approval Number: Chinese medicine accurate character B20050014
Company Name:Hubei Ji’an Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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