Yi Shen Zhuang Yang Gao

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Common Name: Yi Shen Zhuang Yang Gao

Product Name: Xin Tian Fu

Ingredients: Epimedium, Cnidium, Angelica, Curculigo, Cistanche, Clove, Asarum, and Licorice.

Traits: This product is dark brown to brown yellow ointment, gas fragrance.

1. It will be suitable for thoes who are Kidney yang deficiency.
2. The ingredients can promote the blood flow and remove meridian obstruction.
3. The product will be suitable for penile erectile dysfunction.

Specifications : 6g*1/box

Firstly, wash the perineum, penis, glans and foreskin with the clean water and wipe dry. Then smear the perineum and the scrotum with both sides of the scrotum and rub it quickly to make it warm and dry. Then use the same method to wash the penis, the inside of the foreskin and the glans.
Each dose of 0.6g once a day. The reference amount for each site was as follows: 0.1 g perine, 0.1 g on both sides of the penis, 0.2 g of the penis body, and about 0.1 g on the inside of the head and prepuce of the turtle. The amount of drug can be estimated by the length of the extruded paste, and the length of the extruded paste is about 1 cm which is equivalent to 0.1 g of the ointment. Before the second rub, be sure to clean the last rubbed area.

Adverse reactions : 1. A small number of patients may have itching on the penile skin, scrotal skin, usually disappear after stopping.
2. In clinical trials, a small number of patients had abnormal changes in ALT, BUN, urine leucocytes, urine red blood cells, and peripheral blood after using this product. This was not confirmed as a pathological change caused by this product.
3. In individual cases, there was irritation to the woman’s vagina, which was characterized by a mild hot itching sensation, which was more likely to be accepted. As the number of medications increased, the local sensation generally gradually decreased or disappeared.

Taboo : This product is an external drug and must not be taken or taken into contact with the eyes. Minors are disabled. Hypersexuality is disabled.

Precautions : 1. When some drug users use this product, local fever, numbness and other sensations appear. Generally, the number of medications increases, and the above-mentioned feelings can be reduced or disappeared locally, without affecting the curative effect. 2. When using this product for partial application or wiping, pay attention to gentle use. Do not apply ointment to the urethral meatus. 3. Does not affect sexual life during medication. 4. This product should be placed out of reach of children.

Medicine Interactions : Drug interactions may occur at the same time while taking it together with other drugs. For details, pls consult a physician or pharmacist.

Storage: keep it in a Sealed and cool place.

Packaging: Polyethylene bottle

Validity period: 24 Months.

Approval Number: Chinese medicine standard Z20050273

Company Name: Hainan Xintianfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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