Shen Rong Wan

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Common Name: Shen Rong Wan

Product Name: Tong Ren Tang

Ingredients: Red ginseng, Rehmannia glutinosa, Morinda officinale, Citrus, Dodder (Frying), Atractylodes (fried), Chinese yam, Poria cocos, Poria, Achyranthes, Cistanche, cinnamon, angelica, gardenia, antler, fennel (salt), White peony (wine fried), licorice root.

Traits: This product is dark brown water pill; and it tastes sweet.
The mian function for Red ginseng:
The efficacy and nutritional value of red ginseng is that red ginseng has the effects of invigorating primordial qi, restoring pulse, consolidating and removing blood, invigorating qi and nourishing blood. The nutritional value lies in that long-term administration of red ginseng can improve human immunity, relieve fatigue, resist radiation, inhibit tumor and regulate endocrine system. Red ginseng is the first choice tonic for people with yin deficiency and yang excess. Red ginseng is often used for medical treatment of collapse or strong tonification.

Indications: It will be suitable for kidney deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, waist and leg pain, physical weakness, loss of blood.

Specifications : 30g*6 bottle/box, weighing 10g per 100 pills.

Dosage: Take it orally. 60 pills at a time (ie 6g) twice a day.

Adverse reactions : Still uncertain.

Taboo : Pregnant women are not allowed.

Precautions : There are those who are actually hot and used with caution.

Medicine Interactions: Drug interactions may occur at the same time while the users take the product together with other medicine. For more details, consult a physician or pharmacist.

Pharmacology and toxicology : Still uncertain.

Storage: Sealed.

Packaging: Plastic bottle, 30g per bottle.

Validity period: 36 months.

Approval Number : Chinese medicine accurate character Z20043743

Company Name : Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd. Tongrentang Pharmaceutical Factory.


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