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Vager 777 is a male sexual stimulant marketed as a powerful blend of naturally-derived ingredients with the following purported benefits: increased libido, a firmer erection and improved pleasure. Some of today’s natural sexual enhancers have been known to produce safer results than many of their widely advertised prescription-based counterparts. Vager 777 has the functions to make penis enlarged and haarder. the fucntion of proliferators is to activate growth gland of body to prommote cavermous cell re-growth, so as to enlarge penis and releive sexual dysfunction.

Specification: 3800mg * 4pills.

Usage and dosage: take one pill 10 minutes before sexual activity. More than 98% users are satisfied with the enlargement of penis by 0.5-3cm after use for 5-6 months.

Notes: people with heart diesease, high blood pressure can take this prodcut, and drinking alcohol also can not affect its effect.

For men, penis size or erection problem make them so embarrassed. even though many a survey reaches finding that mostly sex companions do not care the penis size in sexual life. however, men themsebles do care because the penis size for them is the foremost factor to measure theri value and sexual capacity. Vager 777 is the natural solution for making male penis size rapidly increase, help men reach the top of sexual life!


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