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Name: Male Root Growth hormone Manual

Male Root Growth hormone Manual is a ancient prescription, based on selected”Medicinal and Edible” and precious traditional Chinese medicine as raw materials, using the latest low- temperature mentioned.Take concentrated. U.S. Imports of raw materials with the double-effecting redient that Prolan ( penis Arterial hyperemiaexpanding agent) + Dorabolen ( venous flow resistance of blood thickening agent) The achievement of a quick,impotence, thickening, increased. At the same time drug raw blood, Shu by Huayu, improve micro circulation blood flow to eliminate barriers, but also to extend the control of The role of sex time.

Male Root Growth hormone Manual contains altruism Fu Lam Su-induced celldivision, is the world’s widely used in the synthesis penis growth factor Secretion, so that the penis growth and development significantly faster.

Ingredients:penis cervi, Aceranthus sagittatus S. et Z.,tortoise shell, fructus corni ,American ginseng ,etc.

Suitable Crowd:

Impotence, premature ejaculation, the penis short atrophy, genital hypoplasia are.

Specification: 0.4g*3 tablets

Usage and dosage:

30 minutes before sex oral one, not many clothes


Medication please do not over-drinking, this product group Efficiency 98%;

Heart disease,hypertension, hypotension, please follow the doctor’s advice to take more seriously disabled;

Strong even after ejaculation is a normal phenomenon.

Taking Methodological Guide:

This product is a big box ( 4 small boxes/0.4g*3 tablets/box) for a course of treatment, by taking courses in order to receive unexpected results;

This product is making love to take a better, taking time interval according to their own body of conditioning;

Best interval:general sexual partners were-35 years old, 1 day served, To do a one-time life; 35-45 years old, 2 days served one; 45 years old-65 years old, 3 days served one.

Taking four boxes, the penis can feel the heat jitter, swelling tendons Lu, Yin Obviously stem thickening growth.

Storage: Keep at 15-30 degree in a dry place.

Shelf Life: 2 years


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