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Vimax penis pill unique formula can increase vass blood circulation in the penis, prodcue natural hormone and expand sponge body organization of the penis, make it naturally increase. After extensive test and trials, we find that the efficiency of Vimax penis pill come to be 98.17%, and can increase at least 2 inches for each man.

100% natural&safe, Vimax penis pill can.
Stronger and harder erections.
Achieve rock hard erections any time you want.
More powerful orgasms.
Increased sexual stamia.

Main ingredients: The seals extract.

Adaptation range:
1.sht penis, genital grows is not well, kindey weakness, penis shrink of the ddle age and the old, and the one who is undersexed.
2.Want to make life high qulity,help secual arousal to last longer.

Specification: 10 capsules * 700mg.

Usage and dosage: just take one pill every day, it is suitable for long time using with no side effect! it is 100% effect, after using this product, please be patient to wait the miracle coming!

Notes: this product just for adult males using; patients with heart disease, or high blood pressure are forbidden to take.

Validity: 3 years.


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