Aphrodisiac water enhance women sexual charm

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The ingredients of Aphrodisiac water enhance women sexual charm can promote the regeneration of the vaginal wall cells and enhance its flexibility and sensitivity, a radical improvement in women’s marital status, postpartum vaginal symptoms such as losse, this product is natural preparation on the human body without any side effects. since listing has been around the world the favor of a female friend and praise.

Main ingredients: Madura grass roots, wild kudzuvine root, cuttlebone, pubescent angelica root, night lili, rose power, pearl powder, tulip, donkey-hide gelatin and borneol,, etc.

powerful aphrodisiac
stimulate female sexual potential
enhance female sexual desire
enhance women to produce more intence orgasm, and pleasure
allow women to be more proactive and co-ordination
greatly incresed women’s charm!

Direction for use: necessary or before sexual intercourse, use one bottle solube drink, drinks in the drink can be.   Precaution: pregnant women, children disabled. ( This product is only between husband and wife couple and lawful use, please do not make him use)   Storage: stored in dry place and keep away form light.

Valid period: 36 months


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