Women’s coffee sexuality enhancement

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Women’s coffee sexuality enhancement is specially designed for women who pursuing high-standard of life.  Women coffe with strong effect of stiring up women sexual libido, after drinking this product, even the elegant lady become crazy, her eys flashing love fire, and breath become shortness, at this moment, all in her mind is to make love with men, and to release her passion. Women’s coffee creat a sexual experience that you will remember forever!

1. It can effectively stimulate women’s nerve centre,regulate hormone secretion and enhance women sexual desire.
2. It has obvious improvement on sex apathy,asexuality, and no orgasm.

Ingredients: Arak coffee, creamer, kidney grass, ginseng, xylitol, tannic.

Usage and dosage: take one bag disloved with 120ml boiled water 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Specification: 12g * 8bags.

Validity: 36 monthes.

Storage: stored in a cool and dry place, avoid sun light.

Poerkan website the professional sexual prodcuts supplier in China, help you create perfect sexual life, burn her sex lust, and let her has the impulse of evil!


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