Climax 38 ° aphrodisiac liquid

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Climax 38 ° aphrodisiac liquid is a transparent liquid, colorless, odorless, and can quickly into any beverage without being noticed. Women to drink within 5 minutes, quickly bear fruit, noodles reddish, shortness of breath, hot breath, head exposed desire to look forward to working with you to tide over the love can not own. At this point the woman, passionate, fascinating and charming, warm and open as the Spanish girl!
Imported, a new generation of the most popular women aphrodisiac, can be used as love  killing catalyst, but also as the best sex toys and sexual partners.

Features: Climax 38 ° aphrodisiac liquid is made from 100% natural ingredients to help women worldwide experience increased libido, restore lost libido and make them feel like real woman again.

Specification: 5ml/bottle.

Validity: 3 years.

Notes: this product is pure natural extracted, can not take directly. 5 minutes before sex intercourse, take this product 5ml and dislove into any soft drinks.  Attentions: patiens with high blood pressure or heart disease are forbidden to use; pregnant women and people under the age are forbidden to use; do not use this product to trap girls; do not take other medicine 12 hours before or after using this product; do not ovetake this product.


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