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Eagle King Pill For Male is designed for male with sex dysfunction undeveloped. Through the medical research for many years, Eagle King Pill inherits China’s traditional health care idea, combine hi-tech and traditional  medicine and make it a new medicine that prescription develop into a great product. Eagle King 8800mg Pill can make penis to be fast natural to erect, lengthen the time of erecting and improve the natural medicine of hi-tech of kidney motive force.


Hairy Antler, Cervus Nippon Temminck, Wild Ginseng, Epimedium Herb, Male Silkworm Moth, Sea Horse


The secondary functional impotence, prostatitis because of neurasthenis or spirituality and the others.

[Specification] 8800mg*10 pills( 10 pills for free )

[Usage & Dosage]

Take one blue tablet and one pill per time orally 10-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.


The minor would be careful. It could not be used repeatedly in 24 hours. If erection appears time after time or last too long time, drink a cup of water please.

[Storage] Keep in dry and cool place.

[Shelf Time] 3 years

[Manufacture] Hong Kong Baolong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


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