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Wholesale  Wei Ge Da Dang Pill is used to strengthen the potency of erectile function and hygienic purpose, and the vigor is wonderful. Heshengyuan Wei Ge Da Dang Viager  Pill has the strong effect of delaying sexual time, some people who do the test that after taking it, many people can prolong 1 hour. Wholesale  Wei Ge Da Dang Pill can quickly activate male potential sex libido, enhance penis power and make you multi-erection over the night.  Wei Ge Da Dang Green Products Pill stays in the human body as long as 120 hours with out causing side effects of dependence. Heshengyuan Wei Ge Da Dang Viager  Pill is loved by lots customer among the world.


Bull testicles, sheep testicles, male silkworm moth, snow fungus cynomorium songaricum, Hippocampus


impotence, premature ejaculation, fatigue and poor sex drive and people in weak physique.

[Specification] 9 pills/box

[Usage & Dosage] Orally, take one pill 30 minutes before sex intercourse.


1.Do not use it if you take any medication within 12 hours;

2.For people with heart condition and high blood pressure, consult physician before using;

3.Minor headache for some people is normal.

[Storage] Keep in cool and dry place.

[Shelf Time] 3 years

[Manufacture] Hong Kong Heshengyuan Biotechnology Limited Company


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